Intermediate & Upper-Intermediate Level Test 17
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15294 1

“Please give me a pain killer.” the patient said.
The patient begged the nurse _______ a pain killer.

15285 2

“Would you like to come to my party?” He invited her _______.

15290 3

Everybody said, “We’re glad the danger is over.”
Everybody said that _______.

15281 4

“Let’s go to the cinema this evening,” she said.
She suggested that they _______ to the cinema that evening.

15295 5

He asked “Have you read The old Man and the Sea, Ted?” He wanted
to know if _______ The old Man and the Sea.

15286 6

“I’ll hit you!” _______ to hit me.

15291 7

I wanted to know why no one _______.

15282 8

I have no idea _______.

15287 9

George told me that _______ with his roommate next semester.

15292 10

“Did she agree with me?” He wondered if _______.

15283 11

I had hoped _______ my letter.

15288 12

I recommended that the patient _______ on as soon as possible.

15293 13

“Don’t eat those cherries, they are poisonous,” said David. David
_______ not to eat those cherries because they were poisonous.

15284 14

I didn’t hear _______ because there was so much noise where I was

15289 15

_______ was to have dinner after the meeting.

15303 16

The witness later disclosed the evidence to have been destroyed.
The witness later disclosed that the evidence _______.

15299 17

“I’d love to come.” she said. She said _______ to come.

15304 18

The Prime Minister clearly suspects his party to have little chance of
winning the next election.
The Prime Minister clearly suspects that his party _______ little chance
of winning the next election.

15300 19

The doctor says, “The moisture in the air might affect your breathing.”
He thinks that the moisture in the air _______.

15305 20

Many people considered it to be cruel to send animals in rockets
into outer space.
Many people consider that _______ cruel to send animals in rockets
into further space.

15296 21

They asked, “Is the work going to be easy?” They wondered if _____.

15301 22

“May I have my letters addressed in care of your office?” asked Mr.
Mr. Taylor asked if ______ letters addressed in care of ______ office.

15297 23

“Whom did you see at the concert last night?” She asked us whom
_______ the other night.

15302 24

Researches have now proved that earlier theories _______ incorrect.

15298 25

“Which of these films have you seen?” My friend asked me which of
the films _______.